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oeil rouge



De mieux en mieux... J'ai accepté un contact sur LinkedIn et voilà ce que je 'ai reçu une heure après, une belle tentative d'arnaque comme celles que je poste -hélas- régulièrement ! Copié-collé comme d'hab :




judithe marley vous a envoyé un message.

Date : 08/08/2011

Sujet : Gode bless you

Hello Very Expensive (e)

I Judithe Marlot, a native of France, born May 29, 1960 in Bastia residence in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast bordering the Pacific Ocean.

My family and I had agreed by a lack of resources as a child. I lost my parents at the age of 21. My husband died and I could not have children with him.

My older brother was killed with his family in 2002 to the socio-political crisis in Ivory Coast, and now I find myself today alone, without children and without people. I take chemo and I am under medical supervision for more than two (2) months here in Abidjan.

I have throat cancer, I am suffering terribly right now. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered seen my health is going from bad to worse and I am very degraded condemned to certain death.

I really tell you a secret ... What I also never tell someone. I have exhausted all my savings for my medical care. But I still have money for a charity project, these funds are listed on a tax account and blocked in a local bank here in Ivory Coast. For all financial transactions on the money I must first unlock them. The direct release of the results of the funds necessary for the immediate tax Côte d'Ivoire IRS that are truly enormous, which would reduce by about half the capital.

My marital status is such that I am a widow, I lost my dear husband since 2003 years and unfortunately we have not had children together while I have no one to bequeath my heritage. Therefore, for the release of my funds, I would like to donate so it is not high on my taxes. So I graciously and to help the poor said that you leave the legacy amounting to a value of 3.95 million Euros (€ 3 million) to help you create a charitable foundation in my memory so God's grace be with me until my last home so I can receive an honorable place with the Lord our Father.

The project I have in mind a long time and as often as they say money can not buy happiness. At this point in my life I realize that money really can not give me a healthy iron or buy a place in heaven. So I think it's time to redeem myself with the God in you bequeathed funds for the welfare of others, because I will never be able to use it in this world of men.

Do not really afraid, because even before I put on my computer, I prayed for several days and nights "Lord, I find my pleasure in your will, I do not forget your word lead me on the road of your commandments, for I delight myself "For the Lord will give me the contact of a person of confidence that I would give a result of what I'm doing research that allowed me to contact you. So believe me you would let me live with the eternal purpose that he was the one who led the meeting.

Can you keep 35% of the money for you and the rest will be used to create a charitable foundation in my memory and a federation in the fight against cancer and build orphanages for poor children. It is written in the Book Matthew 7:7, that everything in his day: Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open. For everyone who asks receives, who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it open.

I count on your goodwill, and I hope you open your heart for this gift.

Until you receive my cordial greetings and fraternal, and may God bless you and strengthen you.

Judithe Marlot.




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